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Book read and review team, is a team of enthusiastic book lovers.  We love books and authors.  An author now is expected to be a good marketer to promote his books and find the niche audience. An author is supposed to wear many hats and be successful in everything. Millions of good books are published every year by indie authors and traditionally published authors. The reading habits of people has increased in the number of years. Audio books and ebooks are equally competing with hard copy books.

The Number of readers to find good books and the number of authors to promote their books is increasing day by day. Book read and review team is an idea to have a common platform for authors, readers and reviewers’. This site is to find your need of perfect books to read and perfect readers to promote your books.

Happy reading for Readers!

Happy selling for Authors!

I am Ms.Geetha, from India, a part of this Team. Its my dream to have a common platform for readers,authors and reviewers. Our email id is infobookreadandreview@gmail.com. Feel free to contact me for any information.


Promote your books, reach your niche audience. Book Read and Review team, has good experience in promoting your books to your readers. we have a good social media presence and an increasing number of email subscribers. Join us now, and we are here to take care of your dreams , while your are busy , forming new ones.

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