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Need to Promote Your Books

After writing the perfect book, the book of your dreams, what do you need to do? Find the readers of your particular niche, waiting to read your books,.What is the one thing, which is the hurdle between readers and authors? Millions of books are published every year in the world. The book you wrote, should get its right place.

  • The readers are pushed many books, unable to decide, which is good for them and many good books are lost in the ocean of books, unnoticed.
  • Many Good books are not read as the previous readers who enjoyed the book, didn’t leave a review.
  • Many good books have not become bestsellers, as there was not a proper marketing strategy to launch and promote it.

Book read and review, is the perfect solution for all the above hurdles and make your book take its place in the best seller list.  We have a team of enthusiastic readers, and reviewers who love books. Contact us to get your customized ideal packages, which solves all your problems. Market your books to your niche audience. Find genuine reviewers for your books .

Review Policy: The Book RR team does not receive payment for our reviews, nor do we pay our reviewers. We’ll  accept a digital copy in exchange for a fair and honest review of your book.If you would like to send us a physical copy, please contact us. If a reviewer , believes the book needs improvement, he/she can contact the author directly/mails us, which will be forwarded to the author. Author’s please send us a mail, with the details of your book and our Book RR team would contact and check with the reviewers schedules. When we find  reviewers for your book, we will contact you back. We understand the value of time of authors, readers and reviewers, therefore our correspondence would be as quick as possible.

  1. Use the online form for sending all your details and upload you’re pub book format, pdf format, .mobi format, whichever is available with you. If you have any difficulties, Please feel free to mail us to
  2. DO sign up for our  Newsletter, so you do not miss upcoming events, contests, and promotions.
  3. Basic package- Promote your books for 7 days in Twitter and Facebook, for $ 40 only.
  4. Premium Package-Promote your books for 14 days in Twitter and Facebook $70 only.
  5. First, please send your book to us in your preferable file format. Our editorial team will examine your book and once it is accepted, we will send a confirmation mail to the author and a pay pal receipt. You can pay after you receive the receipt.
  6. Once the book is accepted for review, we will process to our list of reviewers, and allot according to their vacant slots and preferences.

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