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Laughalot cover

Book Name       :  Childrens Books: Laugh A Lot Limericks & Really Ridiculous Rhymes Volume 1

Author’s Name:  Rob Cole

Price                   :  Rs 133

Sale Site Link    :

Book Reviews   :

This book is an enjoyable, read to young kids. I read this book to a bunch of kids, my nephew and his friends. They were in fits of laughter. They tried to memorize the lines, so that, they can share the rhymes to their friends, the next day in school. The poet had used simple words and yet could create interesting rhymes for the kids. I would recommend this book to parents and teachers, to read in class rooms and in bedtime to small kids, to have fun.
The red-bee poem and the wheel poem is an instant hit. There is also a poem for kindle books. When we read out the poems, the little curious minds are asking and grasping so much information along with the poems. Each poem has its own charm and the author has done justification in engaging the young minds and gave unexpected twists in the poems. A lovely read. It’s a Good effort from a first timer. Would expect more in the second book.

oath image

Book Name       :  The Oath: When Medicine Clashes with Law!

Author’s Name:  Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Price                   :  Rs 49

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Book Reviews   :

This novel is a beautiful, simple human story. I love all kinds of books and somehow, this book reminded me about our age old Indian Culture values and traditions.
It is the story of Dr. Krishnaiah and his simple life of serving the people. He always sticks to his Oath, “Hippocratic Oath” to serve Humans of all kinds. He follows the Principle that to serve human is the Purpose of life.
He lives in a town with his wife, and has a small hospital. Life takes few unexpected turns, and he is in Prison. The journey of the Doctor’s life, his principles, and where they lead him forms the rest of the story.
The author has written the medical procedures and legal procedures in Great detail, making it a delight to read. The other characters in the book like Sathyam (Friend of the Doctor), Ali (inspector), Subbanna (the brother of the Doctor), his Best half (Devi) leave an impact in our lives, long after the Novel ends.
The things I loved about the novel is the importance given to one’s relationships in the family like as a son, as spouse, as a brother, as a friend. The belief in Humanist values, no matter what the circumstances are strikingly good.
The courtroom scenes and the operation theater scenes gave a live feeling. I will recommend this book to my friends and our readers. However, I would recommend this book for Young adults, as the beauty of sticking with your family and values, no matter what the circumstances are Fantastic.
Overall a good book by Dr. Kalyan Chakravarthy. Hope we get many more books of the literary publishing company. They have given their best in their debut publication novel.
P.s I got a free paperback version of the book for review.


Book Name       :  Hope Walker                                                                                                                           

Author’s Name:  Jeannette Melton

Price                   :  $0.97

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 Book Reviews   :

Hope Walker by Jeannette Melton is a very touching story. The love between the father and a daughter is well portrayed. Forgiveness is a strong quality that everyone have to follow. It always makes our life beautiful. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” is said by our great leader – Mahatma Gandhi. This novel proves it.

Hope walker by Jeannette Melton is an unusual story about a woman who can spread the love among anyone whoever she is with. I liked the descriptive writing style of the author. It’s an emotional story. The relationship between the father and a daughter, husband and a wife are well drawn. Hope Walker is a beautiful young woman, not only by features, but by her kind nature

amish sylvia

Book Name       :  Sylvia’s Challenge                                                                                                                                  

Author’s Name:  Jeannette Melton

Price                   : $0.98

Sale Site Link    :



 Book Reviews   : A pleasant read. The author has nicely written the feelings of a woman during her pregnancy journey and what a true man should do at that time. The characters of David and Sylvia is well etched. Every woman would desire a man like David, but every woman should be like Sylvia courageous and a true believer in God even in disheartening situations. The quality of words used by the author is also good.I got a free copy of this book for review    

  Sylvia’s challenge is a beautiful novel about a woman who remains strong even when facing the hardest thing of losing her husband and being pregnant with her first child all alone in a farm. The people around her don’t help her but blame her when she accepts the help of a strange. The character of Sylvia and David is strongly built. We need woman like Sylvia in today’s world. Thanks to the author, she doesn’t allow Sylvia to self-pity and builds the character of courage and faith to God.


Book Name       :  A closer walk with God        

Author’s Name:  Henry Miranda

Price                   : $0.98

Sale Site Link    :

Book Reviews   : A Closer Walk with God by Henry Miranda is about how the true Christian  have to live and to believe in Jesus, even during the difficult situations. In god’s creation all are equal, He blessed us all equally. Humiliating another human being is the biggest in ever. My suggestion is to read the lines carefully, until these truths get into your heart. I congratulate the author for explaining the contents in an easy and understandable way.

 The aim of this book is to help someone develop and maintain a closer walk with God. We need to learn to listen to God’s voice and walk and act like a Christian 100% of the time. God is always with us; even when we feel as if we have been abandoned because of the trials and difficult situations in our lives. When we were in the world, we behaved like the world. Now that we belong to God, we should act not as the world, but as a child of God. God loves us and doesn’t want us to fall away from Him. He is constantly working in our lives so that we can be closer to Him. I’m recommending this book highly.


Book Name      :     Misunderstood Bob

Author’s Name:     Cassey Day

Price                   :     $1.00

Sale Site Link    :

Book Reviews   :

 Misunderstood Bob, Cassey Day gives the readers a fun experience.I love the characterisation of Bob. Once you start reading , it is difficult to close it till the last page.Even though Brenda and Mike were disgusted with bob’s sick humour, they have a soft corner for him. Simple and easy to understand language with light sprinkle of humour here and there. Bob seems to be a person we come across in our daily life. All the way a fun read.

Misunderstood Bob by Cassey Day is the story moves around Bob who is a man of  irresponsible and sick humor. He is not able to complete even a simple task like, picking up a person from the airport. He had been separated from his wife and daughter. The characters of the story keeps me wondering, how different people are. How he becomes responsible and how his life changes forms the novel. An interesting comedy with a fresh type of sense of humor.


Book Name      :     The Princess of Shambhala

Author’s Name:     Axi Stark * Ragel Levi

Price                   :     $0.99

Sale Site Link    : ment-Lords-ebook/dp/B01CLL4BVE    Shambhala-Element-Lords-ebook/dp/B01CLL4BVE

 Book Reviews   :

The story of Amber and Damian is enchanting, beautiful and gripping. Even though the book is completed , I feel the characters around me. The authors have done an excellent job. I would recommend this book to everyone for a magical read.

 The story has some great storytelling about the fantasy worlds of Shambhala and Sheol. The four main characters Amber, Damian, Nix and Jordana and their adventures. Will Amber and Damian be able to stay together? Even though everything seems to say different. The authors are able to show their talents to portray the adventures of their characters and have us the reader follow the characters to the final word. Well written and I look forward to reading more by these authors.

eternal life

Book Name      :     Eternal Life

Author’s Name:    Henry Miranda

Price                   :     $0.99

Sale Site Link    :   

 Book Reviews   :

The author explains about the purpose, decision, choice and salvation in Christianity.Author clearly describes how we declare ourselves self made in few situations and we are never selfmade without God/ world standards. In this book the author says about the importance of the path we have to choose in life- the less travelled and difficult one to have an eternal life. He had beautifully quoted the verses in appropriate places. This is a short well written book about God.


Eternal Life by Henry Miranda gives understanding to the straight and narrow path leading to eternal life or the broad path leading to destruction wherein many shall go. You choose. There are two paths. This book clearly lays out what Scripture speaks of in regards to both. Giving insight to even the simplest person, one will come to understand that we are not put on this Earth to aimlessly wander in our daily lives, only living to “make a living.” Clearly, put our Creator desires “fellowship” with us, His creation. Henry Miranda gives a Biblical overview of what path to choose while building a foundation that speaks of purpose, choice, salvation, the gate, the Holy Spirit, giving understanding to the Christian journey and hope for perseverance. Filled and constructed from Scripture taken from the Holy Bible, one will come to understand the need for a Savior.
Henry Miranda writes with Biblical wisdom, honesty and integrity from a desire to see all saved in light of eternity and Jesus Christ. He sounds a trumpet in this book, gives a wake-up call from the mundane and boldly preaches the Gospel without compromise. This book comes highly recommended as an evangelistic tool, spreading the Good News of the Gospel and encouraging all to believe and receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

millionersBook Name       :     Millionaire Mindset

Author’s Name :    Dr.D.Smith

Price                   :     $3.96

Sale Site Link    :

Book Reviews   :

Dr. Smith writes about productivity principles, mindset, SMART goal setting, wealth building and other ideas in Millionaire Mindset. This book is a quick read and very enjoyable. This is a good book to start to get an introduction to having a side-hustle and gaining productivity. It also encouraged mindset habits that would be useful for any habit or endeavour.

Excellent book. Teaches fundamental principles and methods I haven’t found elsewhere. Explains the power of ideas and how to harness them to achieve wealth. You can apply the principles of this book not only to money making but to achieve success in any field.


Book Name       :     Forgiveness is power

Author’s Name :    William Fergus Martin

Price                   :     $15.27


Sale Site Link    :

 Book Reviews   :

    Forgiveness is Power by William Fergus Martin is the book for everyone who finds forgiveness (of others or themselves) a hard task to do. This motivational and encouraging book is full of insight and ideas on how to find the forgiveness you have been searching for.
Forgiveness is Power is a powerful book that not only teaches us how to forgive others, but also ourselves, which is oftentimes much harder to do. Learning how to forgive is not easy, but it can be done, especially with such powerful motivational guides as this.
This book explains why forgiveness is so important, the four steps to forgive, choose to blame or choose to learn, judgment, guilt, cynicism, apologizing, and much, much more!
Forgiving others can help make you a happier person, motivate you to live the life you want to live, and even enhance your self-esteem. It is really something that everyone needs to learn how to do to create the life they want to live. If you or someone you know needs to learn how to forgive and move on with life, this is definitely the book for them! I highly recommend it.


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